Sometimes we ride 4, sometimes we ride 2.


More and more skaters are picking up a bike to start cycling. This site will feature some of those skaters and their cycling escapades.

The name is a play on Skate or Die, one of the earlier skateboard video games and a term widely used in today’s society.

Coincidentally, in February 2015, Cadence Collection took a bunch of pro skaters on a bike trip to Nicaragua. Rob Gonzales, one of the guys on the trip, started using #skateorbike on instagram to document their adventure.


Concept, design, coding, and writing by Marcel Appelman (aka huphtur on the internets).

Logo designed by Alejandro Garcia. Alejandro also works on SkateBoardsMag out of Colombia.

The social icons came from Andreas Larsen, he makes rad fonts as well.

Site is generated by Jekyll and is hosted on GitHub. Check the source code for some subtle hints to skateboarding and feel free to contribute.